On April 5 and April 6, 2015 (Easter Sunday and Easter Monday) a new edition of the 'Paasbike' Mountain bike race will be held in Nieuwkuijk (Municipality of Heusden), The Netherlands. The edition of 2015 is just like last year an international race. Due to the number categories and their duration the races will be spread over two days.

The name of the race will remain 'Rabobank Bikecenter VANTUYL Paasbike'. The course track will be largely identical to the track as used for the last 20 years. The track is situated up and around the tarmac cycle track of cycling club TeamBrabant2000 in Nieuwkuijk. A prominent landmark is the characteristic Dutch windmill 'Emmamolen' which is situated directly beside this track. The race track is characterised by: many steep climbs, fast sections and technical single-tracks.

We hope to enjoy 2 beautiful and sporty days with fair races. The organizing committee is ready to start!

The Paasbike organizing committee of TeamBrabant2000.


Registration closed. Registration is possible, till a half an hour before the race at the registration desk. Payment only by cash

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